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VIEW partners with Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy to address wildlife health issues

Updated: Apr 9

Two giraffes
Photo courtesy of Ryan Mitchell

VIEW (Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife) has signed an MOU with Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy, a private wildlife conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya. Ol Jogi serves as a stronghold for many critically endangered species, notably the eastern black rhino and Grevy’s zebra. This partnership merges the conservation efforts of the two organizations to facilitate the continued development of Ol Jogi’s Wildlife Rescue Center and Veterinary Clinic. Together with Kenyan partners, VIEW will assist Ol Jogi in providing the best possible care for in situ wildlife through building out their hospital base for Kenyan veterinarians working in the Laikipia region. 

This partnership will support the improvement of infrastructure and facilities at Ol Jogi, enhancing their capacity to deliver vital veterinary services not only to wildlife but also to domestic animals and livestock in the neighboring communities. The goal is also to use Ol Jogi veterinary facilities for future trainings in the conservation medicine space. Through community outreach and implementing domestic animal health programs, the two organizations focus on health at the human-livestock-wildlife interface, driving positive social impact and promoting coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Dr. Deborah McCauley, Co-founder and Executive Director of VIEW, comments: “We are honored to be working with such a reputable conservancy as Ol Jogi in Kenya, a new frontier for VIEW. We are committed to promoting locally sustainable wildlife health practices and recognize that only through shared effort and collective action can we make lasting change”. 

Jamie Gaymer, Wildlife and Conservation Manager at Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy, adds: “We are very excited to have partnered with VIEW. They have already demonstrated extraordinary support and we are confident that through a collaborative approach we will achieve significant conservation outcomes”

In order to achieve the outlined initiatives, VIEW is actively fundraising for an all-terrain fully equipped veterinary field vehicle, intended to serve as a mobile clinic for wildlife as well as domestic animals in the local communities. Importantly, this specialized vehicle enables rapid access to medical care for wildlife across the conservancy. Your donations directly contribute to the welfare of animals and the advancement of conservation efforts in the region.

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