VIEW’s mission is to protect endangered wildlife by tackling the health threats they face in their native habitats.


Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife (VIEW) is a conservation nonprofit organization focused on addressing health threats as part of a comprehensive strategy for protecting endangered wildlife populations around the world. Wildlife veterinarians founded VIEW in 2012 to solve the missing piece to conservation - WILDLIFE HEALTH.

We at VIEW believe that HEALTH is the missing piece of the global conservation strategy. Tremendous efforts have been made to protect critical habitats and reduce wildlife trade and poaching, but if we don’t also make sure that the species we are protecting are healthy, then these efforts will not succeed.

Simple awareness of this issue is not enough, we need to understand the origins and implications of disease. Infectious and transmissible disease must be identified, treated, and prevented. Failure to do so may cause untold, yet preventable, harm to wildlife populations, domestic animals, and humans.

VIEW's approach is simple, straightforward and sustainable: We support local wildlife disease investigation, prevention, and treatment by providing training, building infrastructure, conducting research, and promoting policies that ensure healthy environments for wildlife and the people and domestic animals that share their habitat.

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VIEW conducts workshops and training for local wildlife veterinarians and managers to equip them with the skills needed to ensure healthy wildlife.

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VIEW helps to create and maintain local field facilities so that disease investigation and wildlife care are possible and sustainable.

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VIEW targets its investigation to better understand and respond to wildlife health risks for endangered wildlife population recovery.



This is a global initiative to protect the most vulnerable species. VIEW works in three main regions: North America, Asia and Africa. In every program developed, VIEW's database, Wildlife Health Information System (WHIS), is included to further disseminate information to the ....

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The first wildlife health medical record database platform developed and tailored for endangered wildlife and wildlife professionals to use in the field.


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