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Rhino Facts!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In celebration of World Rhino Day, we wanted to share with you a few rhino facts that we find interesting. Hope you do too!

1. There are 5 species of Rhino

Two African

Black and White rhinos

Three Asian

Greater One-Horned, Sumatran, and Javan rhinos.

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2. All Rhinos are GREY!

But what about the black and white rhinos? I know, I know. A bit misleading, but they are in fact grey. The white rhino is said to have gotten its name from the Afrikaans word for wide (‘wyd’), referring to its wide, square lip (in contrast, black rhinos have a pointy upper lip). Early English explorers mistook this word for ‘white’ and consequently named this species ‘white’ rhino, and the other ‘black’ rhino to differentiate.

3. Rhino Numbers are Dwindling...

Remember that there are five different species of rhinos? Well here are the total numbers of each species left in the world in 2021:

Black Rhino: Between 5,366 and 5,627

Greater One-Horned: 3,588

Sumatran: <80

Javan: 75

White Rhino:

Southern: Between 17,212 and 18,915

Northern: 0

We want to ensure that their populations stay protected within their natural habitat. Their numbers continue to dwindle.

Join the hashtag #fivespeciesforever


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