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November Trivia of the Month

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

When it comes to my friends, I only find mates,

And hardly you'll find me reside in the states.

I like my privacy and I love the cold air,

Some say my coat resembles the mixture of a skunk and a bear.

I have long claws that give the biggest reaction.

Did you see me played by Hugh Jackman?

What animal am I?

A Wolverine!

Wolverines, such as many other wildlife species are being decimated by disease. Dr. Deborah McCauley has been a part of several efforts to help this species' number not dwindle any further. There are fewer than 300 wolverines in the world. Part of Dr. McCauley's work took place right in Beehive Basin! You can still hike that trial and see what they used to capture these beautiful animals in order to help take samples and sometimes even perform surgery!


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