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Join us in preventing extinction.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Consider the world around you. It isn’t black and white, it’s technicolor. It isn’t simple, it’s complex and has many facets.

In fact, to view the natural world in all its splendor can be a treat to the senses - whether it be on hiking trails, the savanna, the rainforest, or simply in your own backyard.

What if our environment was void of color, dimension, and diversity of species? What if the landscapes around us became barren, lifeless, and void of the wildlife we currently enjoy?

Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife (VIEW) works to prevent this devastating scenario by focusing on the missing piece to conservation - wildlife health - addressing health threats as part of a comprehensive strategy for protecting endangered wildlife populations around the world. Diseases that cause outbreaks and pandemics are the most unaddressed conservation threat to our wildlife today.

Interestingly, current statistics indicate that 75% of new and emerging diseases originated in animals and we share disease with them. Thus, the better we understand and prevent disease in our wildlife populations, the better off we all are.

Without healthy wildlife populations, we could be left with empty landscapes. Please don’t let that happen!

Your gift today helps assure a colorful and healthier tomorrow for us all!


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