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Conservation Conversation: February 25th

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

On Thursday, February 25th, VIEW held our first “Conservation Conversation” of the year. Our conversation featured insights from VIEW’s Executive Director, Dr. Deborah McCauley, and Dr. Mark Drew, a former veterinarian for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and one of the foremost experts on wildlife health in the region. Throughout the course of the discussion, VIEW’s team covered topics focused on the health and well-being of moose in the Greater Yellowstone Region and our efforts to investigate the alarming decline of this iconic species. We are grateful to all who attended, especially our “Greater Yellowstone Guardians” and our “Greater Yellowstone Conservation Crusaders.”

If you are interested in becoming one of VIEW’s “Greater Yellowstone Guardians” or “Conservation Crusaders,” please email

To watch the recording of the 2.25.21 "Conservation Conversation" click HERE.


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