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Spotlight Supporter: Karen Kress

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

There is an art to volunteering. The concept itself—of donating your time, work, or insight—is certainly laudable, but there are so many worthwhile causes to choose that determining the recipient of your efforts is often an exhausting process. Fortunately, VIEW has benefited from the generosity of numerous people whose heartwarming support has proven essential to the continued success of our mission. One of these individuals, Karen Bates Kress, has set a sterling example as a member of our Philanthropic Advisory Council, and her compassion, commitment, and guidance are a constant source of insight and inspiration.

Even a cursory glance at Karen’s background conveys her deep appreciation for conservation. Throughout her exemplary career, Karen served as the former president of the Yellowstone Park Foundation and worked for other esteemed organizations like The Nature Conservancy, National Parks and Conservation Association, and the National Wildlife Federation. She also consulted with over 40 different conservation organizations and has served on many boards.

Karen’s wealth of wisdom has been instrumental in assisting VIEW’s fundraising efforts and community outreach initiatives, and we are honored to have such a talented and compassionate individual acting as an ambassador for our crucial mission. When asked about what drew her to VIEW, Karen said that her passion for wildlife is worldwide, as is VIEW’s work, and the fact that she resides in the Yellowstone area where VIEW is conducting our moose project were essential factors in guiding her involvement. But she also expressed her “deep respect and admiration” for the work and the vision of VIEW’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Deborah McCauley.

Karen’s kindness is remarkable, and her spirit of volunteerism and selflessness truly makes a difference—to not only all of us at VIEW, but to those animals who comprise the complex ecosystem that surrounds us. It is to these denizens of our environment that we dedicate our efforts, so that future generations can join us in admiring these iconic, unique, and majestic species while marveling at the complex and tenuous world that we share.


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