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Marshall Field joins VIEW’s Board of Directors to boost its wildlife conservation efforts

Headshot of Marshall Field

Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife (VIEW) is honored to have Marshall Field join its Board of Directors. Mr. Field, avid  conservationist and animal lover, has been a friend of VIEW since 2016. VIEW is  a conservation organization whose mission is to protect endangered wildlife by  tackling the health threats they face in their native habitats. 

Marshall Field has been an impact investor to WHIS (Wildlife Health Information  System), the first digital wildlife health surveillance system, designed and built by  VIEW. Since 2020, Mr. Field has been a member of VIEW’s Advisory Council,  where his strategic input and financial support has been invaluable for the  organization’s growth and success. In addition to conservation, Marshall Field is  also very passionate about education, one of VIEW’s key principles which  incorporates academia and mentorship into the field of conservation. In his new  role as a member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Field will be active in the  organization’s strategy and donor development, while continuing to champion  VIEW’s pioneering work.  

Marshall Field is the fifth generation of a prominent Chicago family whose  activities have included merchandising, real estate, publishing, communications,  and civic affairs. He is a graduate of Harvard College, and has served as publisher of the Chicago Sun  Times and the Chicago Daily News. Mr. Field is a member of the Board of  Directors of the Field Foundation of Illinois, World Wildlife Fund, and the Atlantic  Salmon Federation, as well as past Chairman of The Everglades Foundation  Board of Directors.


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