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Dr. Deborah McCauley discusses impacts of bird flu on Matter of Fact

Don't miss VIEW Executive Director, Dr. Deborah McCauley, as she interviews with Soledad O’Brien on Matter of Fact. They discuss the alarming spread of bird flu (avian influenza), which has been devastating bird populations since 2022 and has now been detected in humans. Dr. McCauley sheds light on how diseases can transfer between wildlife and livestock, domestic animals, and humans. She emphasizes the importance of rigorous research, surveillance, and testing to understand and mitigate these disease dynamics. Learning from the lessons of COVID-19, it is crucial to understand animal-to-human disease dynamics to prevent future pandemics. Watch the interview to learn more about this crucial issue:

VIEW's mission is to protect endangered wildlife by addressing health threats, including disease. We are currently working on improving disease surveillance through the development of  our Wildlife Health Information System (WHIS), an electronic health surveillance platform that tracks and shares wildlife health data. This system can help understand diseases like bird flu and provide a deeper understanding of disease dynamics. To help support this work, donate today!


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