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Dr. David Murenzi's Journey with VIEW and Conservation Nation

David standing in a field

Dr. David Murenzi, a valued team member of VIEW since February 2023, has been making significant strides in his journey as a wildlife veterinarian. In his recent article, "An Inside VIEW of Wildlife Veterinary Medicine," for Conservation Nation, David shares his enriching experiences as a young veterinarian with the support of VIEW and Conservation Nation.

Through our collaboration, David secured an internship at Akagera National Park, Rwanda, where he continues to broaden his expertise in wildlife medicine. Over the past year, David has immersed himself in ranger training, international conferences, and hands-on activities such as participating in wildlife relocations and necropsies. Notable highlights include receiving a Murray Fowler International Conference Scholarship and completing an internship at Wildlife Safari in Oregon, all of which contribute to his growth in wildlife health and medicine.

This is just the beginning for David. He is driven by a passion to contribute to wildlife health and conservation globally, aiming to inspire future Rwandan veterinarians along the way. 

We eagerly anticipate Dr. Murenzi's future endeavors! VIEW strives to nurture the next generation of wildlife conservationists by providing training opportunities, hands-on experience, and support. To learn more about David's journey and his work with VIEW, read the full article here.

David drawing blood from baby cheetah


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