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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Double Your Donation By Joining

VIEW´s 2018 Matching Gift Challenge


Announcing VIEW´s U.S. Program

in The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Two bison in the snow

In September, VIEW initiated a wildlife health program in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We believe that HEALTH is the missing piece of global conservation strategy. Tremendous efforts have been made to protect critical habitat, address climate change and reduce poaching. However, if we don’t also make sure that the species we are protecting are healthy, then all other efforts could fail.

For example, disease from agricultural and domestic animals can be shared with wildlife to cause a significant decline in wild populations like pneumonia outbreaks, triggering dramatic bighorn sheep decline throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Often investigation into the cause of wildlife death is not performed due to lack of resources, training and research.  VIEW is collaborating with local stakeholders to address this missing piece to conservation.

Please join us in keeping our most fragile wildlife healthy and consider a donation for our work which now includes the Yellowstone Initiative.  Your gift to VIEW today will be matched dollar for dollar by our generous board member Dennis & Connie Keller.


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