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Update: WHIS 2022 Development

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

As we approach 2023, I’d like to reflect back on VIEW’s work this year in 2022. Our tenet at VIEW is preventative health for wildlife - which is fundamentally grounded in the importance of testing and preventative protocols that help detect and prevent disease transmission and reduce health risks. Integrating the One Health concept that all life is inextricably linked, VIEW’s focus expands across ecosystems - thereby not only positively impacting wildlife, but also livestock, domestic animals, and human populations. From our continued work in North America and Asia to our developing programs in Africa, this past year has also centered on the importance of integrating technology for advancing disease prevention and rapid response to health threats. With WHIS, VIEW’s Wildlife Health Information System, we aim to help field conservationists use technology to be more efficient, connected, and better informed as they strive to protect the health of endangered species they care for. Please Read what we've achieved on the development of our breakthough health database program:

2022 Achievements for our WHIS program this year have included:

  • Completion of a substantial upgrade to the WHIS platform by our Software Engineer that can now serve as a comprehensive wildlife health program in a wide variety of settings and will significantly streamline VIEW’s support for WHIS partners going forward.

  • Initiation of two very different pilot partner programs to utilize and provide feedback on the upgraded platform (Oregon, Asia).

  • Significant progress on the development of a portable application of WHIS that can work on most smartphones or tablets and will be invaluable to our partners in the field.


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