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Emerging Threat to African Rhinos

Rhinos are among the most iconic species of endangered wildlife in Africa. As a result of poaching threats, their numbers have been reduced to small fragmented subpopulations that must therefore be intensely managed. The white rhinoceros is near threatened with numbers decreasing. Only two individuals remain of the best-known subspecies, the northern white rhinoceros. The black rhinoceros is critically endangered, after experiencing a 98% decline between 1960 and 1995. While the population is increasing due to protection measures, only ~3,142 mature individuals remain with almost 94% residing in only four countries.


VIEW's Involvment

VIEW is bringing our proven wildlife health template to Rwanda. Working with local partners, we are developing a comprehensive wildlife health program to include best practice protocols, disease risk assessments, biosurveillance, and the implementation of a health database for Rwandan wildlife.

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