Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife

Our mission is to protect endangered wildlife by tackling the health threats they face in their native habitats.


Wildlife Health

Tigers, rhinos, elephants, and other wildlife species are declining due to the well-documented issues of poaching and habitat encroachment. There is another issue that could be equally as destructive: the threat from infectious disease transmission from humans and/or domestic wildlife to endangered wildlife. Yet, until now, the issue has been given little attention.

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Surgery Group

Partnering Internationally

Our work is accomplished in a simple and collaborative manner, using existing networks and opportunities to investigate wildlife health threats, train local wildlife professionals and veterinary students, establish basic infrastructure for diagnosis and sample storage, and manage disease threats through recommending prevention and treatment protocols.

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save_tigerSave a Tiger

… a rhino, elephant, wolverine, or other endangered or threatened species. There is no time to waste. Each animal is precious and when they are sick or dying we need to know why and help to stop it. Very often wildlife deaths are attributed to “cause unknown”, but this is not an adequate diagnosis! Click here for more information on how you can become a member of our team.

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Thank You to Daniel J. Cox

A special thanks to Daniel J. Cox of Natural Exposures Wildlife Photography and Nature Pictures, Bozeman Montana for his generosity in allowing us to use his photos for this website. For more information about Daniel’s work visit

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Support our work of identifying, treating, and eliminating the spread of infectious disease in endangered wildlife. When you become part of our team, you will be helping both an endangered species and the humans that live and work with them. For more information regarding VIEW’s projects and work contact us at 406.548.2035 or at