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Student Seminars: Portugal

Last Sunday, 26th of February, Dr. McCauley taught a virtual lecture to veterinary students to science and technology students at the veterinary school at the University of Lusofona. Dr. McCauley spoke to students to expand students knowledge of wildlife health, provide anecdotes from the field on wildlife capture, and, most importantly, ignite their passion for a career in wildlife conservation and a lifelong crusade to save our most critically endangered wildlife across the globe.

Next week Dr. McCauley is headed to Rwanda to join the VIEW team: Zimmerman, Ellis, and VIEW veterinary intern, Dr. David Murenzi, for further teaching and capacity building. They will be headed to the University of Rwanda veterinary school to share this message with 140 eager students to ignite their passion for preserving the critical species their country holds dear: rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, and gorillas. In addition, they will train new Akagara National Park staff on the importance of including wildlife health in conservation efforts.

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