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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Told by Dr. Deborah McCauley

When local fisherman near Chitwan National Park found baby Bendi, an Asian one-horned rhino calf, he was very weak. The tiny rhino had a serious wound on his knee from a tiger attack and had been abandoned by his mother when he was unable to cross the river. The fisherman devised a crude leg wrap and brought him to park rangers. By the time VIEW founder, Dr. Deborah McCauley, reached him, he was near death. Bendi’s bone had been crushed and was seriously infected. This could have been a death sentence since a rhino in the wild that can’t walk or run won’t survive for long. Fortunately, with VIEW’s help, Bendi made a full recovery. We not only treated Bendi, but this crisis also became a teaching moment for local park professionals. Dr. McCauley shared her specialized knowledge and expertise regarding wildlife veterinary care with local practitioners. This transfer of knowledge will be essential to saving these highly endangered animals.

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